Training to improve your videos

Below you will find some videos we recommend for you to view and learn some of the basics in video/filming. With some basic steps, filming can be greatly improved.

1. The key areas of filming are the following:Audio - make sure you speak louder than normal so the video camera/smartphone will pick up your voice. Also mention to those who will be shown in the video to speak louder, project their voice and speak clearly.

2. Lighting - Always choose to film when or where is there is a good amount of day light or lighting. Lighting can also mean positioning yourself so your subject wont have their backs to the sun or lighting.

3. Hold it steady - Always make sure you are keeping you camera/smartphone steady so there can be minimal snaking and the viewer will be willing and see your ministry.

Please take the time to view the videos below and learn something new or refresh your knowledge you may already have.



Training Videos

Filming with a Smartphone: Basic Camera Shots

Mobile Phone Video Recording Tips - 6 Tips for Shooting Great Video with your Smartphone

Filming with a Smartphone: Basic Camera Shots

The Fix- Shoot better video with your smartphone