What do Muslims think about Christians?

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Persecution.com features a blog post from “Anna” who works among muslim people in the middle east.  She writes, “Has it ever occurred to you that Muslims might be as afraid of you as you are of them?”

Anna shares a conversation with she had with muslim woman whose family was afraid of her living in the US.  They believed the US was full of violence and it was likely she would be killed in the streets.  Their impression was based on what they had seen in Movies, not from her country, but ours.  Imagine the perception propagated from the violent blockbuster films that Hollywood keeps pumping out.  Believers certainly have their work cut out for them, assuming they’re willing to look past their own fears and engage in meaningful conversation with muslims.

Anna offers these three helpful insights into how Christians are perceived by Muslims.

  • Muslims consider Christians “People of the Book” and respect their faith in one God. While still seeing themselves as superior for practicing the best religion, Muslims respect those who worship one God, pray, and treat others kindly. A Muslim recently told me, “Your prophet (Jesus) was the Prophet of Love, that is why Christians are so loving.”
  • Muslims are in a love/hate relationship with the West. They love healthcare, technology and some ideas from the West but regret its deteriorating effect on their cultures. Some blame television programs and government policies from the “Christian West” as the reason for problems and sin in their own countries.
  • Muslims tend to be wary of Christians. Stories circulate about argumentative, in-your-face polemicists that defame Islam, and most Muslims want to steer clear of a fight. They may be concerned that by befriending a non-Muslim they will be criticized by other Muslims, or even worse, influenced to sin.

Taking the first step and showing initiative on our part is how an average american believer can help alleviate their fears and demonstrate  Christ’s Love for all people.

You can read more at  Persecution.com.

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