President Obama’s Daily Devotions

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CBN posted an interview with Pastor Joshua DuBois, the man responsible for sending devotionals to the president every morning.  Below is the transcript of that interview.    The video can be found here

DUBOIS: You know, I feel blessed. >We had a tremendous run in the White House serving this country and this tremendous president and God has just been so good over the last seven years in service, in government and he’s certainly good on the transition out of the White House as well.

BELTWAY BUZZ: You send him daily devotions.


BELTWAY BUZZ: No pressure there! Right?

DUBOIS: (laughter)

BELTWAY BUZZ: When you’re sitting down in the morning to send the president a devotional – what goes into that?

DUBOIS: Well, fortunately the word of God never goes out and returns void and so there’s just this tremendous power in scripture to inspire every morning and so I will pick a verse or two and sometimes add an interpretation of that verse, some times a quote or passage from C.S. Lewis or … or someone else who tends to inspire.

BELTWAY BUZZ: Did you kind of look at what was coming up or what he was facing? I mean you are friends with him so you have an intimate knowledge of what he’s experiencing. Did that go into your preparation.

DUBOIS: There are times when it’s key to a particular day, a particular season. For example, I remember after the victory in 2008 there was certainly a devotional full of joy, but after a grueling season I may try to find some reflections on rest and the ability of God to rejuvenate a tired spirit. And I’m also just, quite frankly, grateful for a president who begins his day every morning with scripture. I think that says a lot about Barack Obama as a leader, but also as a man.

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